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Some People Are Seeing Single-Use Plastic Reduction As An Opportunity

August 28, 2018: 12:00 AM EST
With estimates suggesting that each minute some million plastic bottles are purchased globally and a truckload of plastic enters our oceans, there remains a long way to go in addressing the problem of plastic waste. Governments and companies are accelerating programs to reduce single-use plastic, but work is also going on to find substitutes. New solutions are emerging, such as bio-plastics and edible plastic, as well bamboo toothbrushes and straws made of pasta. Some entrepreneurs are viewing the challenge as more of an opportunity. Houston’s Plum Vegan Catering offers a zero-waste catering service. And investors are getting on board too. Final Straw, which makes foldable steel straws, raised $1.8 million via Kickstarter.[Image Credit: © FinalStraw]
Tracy L. Barnett, via Rice Business Wisdom , "What comes after plastic? The movement recognizing the harm of single-use plastic bags, straws, cups and other containers is already imagining the products that come next.", Houston Chronicle, August 28, 2018, © Hearst
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